Select Media Coverage:

Public Radio:

The Academic Minute: Sacred Experiences


As Scientists March, Federal Researchers Weather Trump Storm

Scientists Actually Did Some Science at the March for Science

Deseret News National:

How Technology Can Boost Your Spirituality

Daily Mail:

It’s God o’clock! Spirituality varies according to time of day – and we feel it most in the morning

The Atlantic:

Why Saudi Women Aren’t Allowed to Drive

The Blogosphere:

The Society Pages:

Taking the Pulse of Spirituality in Real Time

Mobilizing Ideas:

New Ways to Define Activism Essay

Emerging Stars in Social Movement Research Essay

Daily Disruption Posts:

Reviewing the Field: What movements have we studied?
Looking Behind the Label and Reforming Global Industry
Spontaneity: An important and neglected topic in social movements
The Civil Rights Movement, Version 2.0, Hits College Campus Crosswalks
ISIS’s Mobilization Tactics
Discussing Ferguson
Summer Heat Wave 
Harnessing Technology to Advance Movement Research 
Egyptian Election Update

The Meditation Movement and the Challenge to the Theory of Fields 

Sociology’s Most Important Breakthrough in Ten Years 


On Teaching:

Oral Exams

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